"Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hunter’s hand." Proverbs 6:5

why a gazelle

The gazelle has the ability to escape its predator by sheer speed and determination with a fighting spirit to never give up! It's why we chose this animal to be our foundation character.

We want you to fight for your baby no matter what you are told from the medical doctors.

Like a gazelle, these babies will fight harder than anything you have ever seen, so be strong for them and just as determined to win the fight!

Characteristics of the Gazelle

When a gazelle begins stotting, he is saying “I’ve seen you, but just look how agile and fit I am. I can outrun you, so don’t bother chasing me."

The Gazelle is considered to be one of the fastest animals with speeds of almost sixty miles per hour. To conquer their vulnerability, they tend to be alert to all that happens around them. This is how we must be while in the NICU and dealing with medical challenges. We believe we can help the progress of research and needed information and services by— SPEEDING UP research and needed resources.

It is time to look at the world with more optimistic eyes. The gazelle ushers in sunshine and light, and despite only having speed and determination as its asset it does not look down and pity itself for its harsh life. Rather, it strives to live each day fully —- even when facing the fear of the unknown.

When you view our gazelle, we want you to draw the same strength and determination from it to fight! We know this is life altering, hard and a confusing time and we also know what it takes to get through it. You can overcome the fear and take up your armor and win the race!