McDonald’s staff tackle Snowdon challenge for Isla

A group of 20 individuals from Kew McDonalds in Southport have volunteered to complete a sponsored Snowdon climb on the 30th of October 2019.

We are fundraising for the beautiful Isla Rose and the John Lucas Foundation.

Isla was born 30th September 2018. After a wonderful pregnancy with no issues. After taking her home noticed some twitches so took her to Alder Hey hospital. There we spent 7 weeks with Isla going through sedation, MRIs EEG lumbar punctures before we got the devastating diagnosis of NKH. Isla and all other NKH children not dependent of severity all need 24-hour care as they have a lot of medication and therapies they go through. This is a tough journey without the parents organizing and funding all the research.

Each day Isla has around the clock meds of 17 syringes per day. We spend 5 hours a day on developmental therapies alone. We are on 24-hour seizure watch and do not take our eyes off of her. Most kids with NKH do not have seizure control. As little as three months ago Isla was an inpatient at Alder Hey for three weeks trying to stabilize her and gain seizure control.

Isla turns 1 years old on the 30th September. We need your help. Please do not let us go down this road alone, orphaned with this diagnosis and no government funding.

The overall target the foundation is aiming to raise is £3million, this will bring new treatments to trial and hopefully find a cure for this insanely rare condition.

If you are from Southport or surrounding areas, we are sure you will know of Isla’s parents, Sarah Steel and Mike Settle. We cannot put into words how much your support and donations mean to them, and most importantly, Isla.


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